Your pay at your command.

Get instant access to your pay, today. No interest or hidden costs, just a fixed 5% fee.

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We have over 400,000 stoked customers!

pay on demand
connect bank
Connect your bank

Our tech talks to your bank’s tech, to confirm when you get your pay and what you spend.

select how much
Select amount needed

Just tell us what you need - you can get up to $1000 of your wages instantly. We’re happy to help.

easy payback
Easy payback

There’s no interest or hidden fees. Just a 5% fixed transaction fee and flexible repayments with instalments across up to 4 pay cycles.

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Our best bits

Instant Access

Get access to your wages instantly. It’s quick and easy to use and there’s no hidden fees. Woop.

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Our best bits

Smartie pants (or skirts)

We could all spend smarter. We’ll help you understand your income, your spending habits and make sure you can see what bills are coming up.

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Our best bits

Budget smuggler

We’ll create a bespoke budget just for you, by analysing what you spend (no judgement here.)

our mission for change
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Wages without waiting

Traditional pay cycles make you wait for your pay, we’re here to help you access the money you’ve worked hard for.

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Budget better

Budgeting is tough, so we look at your spending and create a tailored budget just for you. Your mum will be thrilled.

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Flat rate

Traditional lenders charge 50% - 120% in interest & fees. Um. We don’t even know what to say to that, other than don’t go there.


“So easy”

Just fell short of budget and needed a little cash to cover me... this was soooo easy and I love it’s app!!!!!! Simple, quick and easy!! Thankyou!!!!

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“Beforepay One of the best app I’ve been on this year it helped me a lot with everything I needed 💯🔥 ”

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Needed to see the dentist urgently but I was short on cash after the Easter holidays. Before pay helped me!! I had all the questions answered and the funds in my account in less than 5 minutes. Way to go Beforepay!

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Loving you 24/7

We know questions don’t pop up on schedule, so we’re here 24/7

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We play it safe

We value and respect our customers, that includes their data.

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Name the place & time

We know you get around, so with us you can access your pay anywhere. Anytime.

We have over 400,000 stoked customers!